Audio Visual Services in Maine | Aroma Joe’s Annual Conference

The corporate season is in full swing. Over the past eight weeks, I’ve been on the road providing audio-visual services throughout all of Maine for dozens of our corporate partners. One of our recent events was a two-day conference with Aroma Joe’s to provide all of the audio and visual services for their annual conference hosted at Sunday River.

This was our first time working with Aroma Joe’s so we wanted to ensure everything went as planned. We provided three projectors and screens. These visuals were matrixed so that content could be divided independently per screen or synchronized to display the same information. A confidence monitor was provided on stage to ensure that each presenter knew exactly where they were in their presentation. We provided a wireless presenter so that all of the computers, video, and audio could be controlled at the A/V booth. And, of course, we provided all of the necessary audio components. Handheld microphones, lapel microphones, headsets, and speakers.

Projectors, Microphones | What Makes An Event Successful

We take a lot of pride in offering our clients the best equipment and flexibility. To maximize floor space we used our ultra-short throw rear projection displays. Sounds fancy, right? Well, to be honest, clients love it! And, here’s why: the projector only needs to be a couple of feet from the screen. And, the image is displayed from behind the screen. This allows event attendees, and more importantly, presenters to walk freely in front of the screens without casting a shadow or blocking the projector. Most of our clients don’t realize how awesome rear projection is until they try it. And then, they never go back to front projection!

We also spend a lot of time in the planning process discussing audio needs. Will presentations require audio? What type of microphone does each presenter prefer? These important pre-event questions ensure that we’re able to execute events flawlessly.

As a Maine Audio Visual and Event Production specialist, I take great pride in offering top-notch services to my clients. If you are planning a conference, gala, award night, fashion show or fundraiser be sure to reach out to discuss how we can ensure your event needs are met.

Every event is different so please contact me to discuss the details.


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