Helpful Hints When Booking Your Maine Wedding DJ


I’ve been a Maine Wedding DJ for nearly 20 years. Yes, I started at a young age but one thing has remained true through all of this time. If you don’t book your DJ services early, odds are you’ve waited too long!

In case you missed it in the news, According to the Maine Press Herald, the Maine Wedding Industry generates nearly 1 billion dollars in revenue each year. Simply put, this means there are a lot of weddings throughout the course of a calendar year. So what does that mean for you? It means that true professionals are in high demand. As a result, their calendars book well in advance. Especially those Saturday dates from May through October.

You should keep in mind that destination weddings are also incredibly popular. I mean, c’mon, we all love the Maine Coast right? Once you factor in the amount of in-state residents getting married plus the number of couples using Maine as a destination location to host their ceremony and reception, suddenly it can be hard to surround yourself with the vendor team of your choice.

Don’t Wait, Good DJs Have Limited Availability


So, what is the solution? Book early. Well, how early you ask? In my experience, my calendar generally books 12 to 18 months in advance. Of course, Friday and Sunday dates have more flexibility. But that in-season, prime Saturday dates go quickly! And, of course, there’s a natural pecking order to your search for vendors. Usually, it’s: find your Maine Wedding Venue, followed by your Maine Wedding Photographer and then your Maine Wedding DJ. Sometimes that search for a DJ gets delayed a few months after finding your venue and that means the person you want to work with may not be available anymore.

There are, of course, a few things to keep in mind as you are searching for a Maine DJ. What is the experience you want to create for your guests? What is the budget you are working within? And, are you looking for something personalized just for you? The search for wedding professionals can seem daunting. Odds are you’ve never booked a photographer before and you’ve never booked a DJ before. I get it. So where do you start? I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read my “Tips For Hiring A Maine Wedding DJ” article. But, to briefly recap:

If a customizable experience where quality is most important odds are you want to work with an Owner-Operated Entertainment company. What’s that mean? It means the Owner of the company is the one helping you plan, ensuring all of the details are covered and is there with you on the day of your reception. If budget is your number one priority, you may be best served with an agency-operated entertainment company. This style of business has an Owner who sub-contracts weddings to DJs in an effort to offer budget-friendly services. Generally speaking, these are “cookie-cutter” DJs that offer the same style of entertainment each week. There’s nothing wrong with that, it simply boils down to your priority.

Owner Operated DJ Company Vs. An Agency of Wedding DJs


Couples placing an emphasis on their entertainment typically gravitate towards Owner-Operated Entertainment companies with a diverse collection of enhancements. Such as: photo booths, uplighting, video screens and monograms.

Naturally, an owner-operated entertainment company has limited availability. They aren’t filling calendars for 20 DJs at a low price point. They’re booking one calendar at a premium. And, like all purchases, the adage “you get what you pay for” always rings true.

So, after booking your venue, don’t delay on booking your vendor team! Whether it’s a Maine DJ, photographer, hair studio, or make-up artist: the top professionals in the state book early!

Questions? I’m always happy to discuss events by email, phone, or in person. Let’s connect and start the process!