How to Make the Best Wedding Playlist


Planning a wedding is no easy task. There are so many details to take care of, and some of your to-do’s are more exciting than others. Luckily, putting together the best wedding playlist is definitely one of the more fun activities to check off your list. I recommend presenting the Maine DJ you hire with some song suggestions in an effort to personalize your wedding day by giving it the soundtrack you truly want. These tips will help you choose the right music for your big day:


Create a list as a couple


There’s so much to do when wedding planning, but making the playlist is too important to skip or rush through quickly. Don’t let it be an afterthought. Plan a date night to sit down and create a list of song ideas. Think about the songs that have been important to you through your relationship, as well as those that are meaningful to you each individually. Not every song you jot down has to make the final cut, but gathering a great list of ideas is a perfect place to start.


Include friends and family favorites

Your wedding reception is a special time to celebrate with the people who mean the most in your lives. Think of it as the most epic party that you’ll ever throw as a couple, and consider what songs your friends and loved ones would like to hear, too. Send out a text message, an email, or even just a post on social media asking for your friends and family’s favorite songs. Including some of their requests on your playlist is a fun way to show that you’re thinking of them.


Don’t shy away from popular songs

While you may want to avoid a generic party playlist with all of the familiar pop hits and top 40 tracks, it doesn’t hurt to add some in. Think of those classics that you just can’t help but sing-along to when they come on the radio. Popular dance songs are guaranteed to get your guests on their feet, even if they’ve heard them hundreds of times.


Mix it up

Make your playlist a mix of genres, instead of sticking to just one theme or musical type. Variety is essential for pleasing the crowd, as everyone’s musical tastes are sure to vary. Consider a blend of romantic songs for slow dances, classics, and popular dance tracks. Mixing it up helps keep the energy level high and gives everyone something to enjoy.


Stick with positive, happy, and upbeat songs

Since weddings are joyful celebrations, aim to keep the atmosphere upbeat and positive. Try to stay away from songs that seem romantic, but once you read the lyrics, you discover are actually about heartbreak. The last thing you want is for guests to feel gloomy after hearing an emotional song. Stick with “good vibes only” and choose happy, up-tempo tunes and sweet, sappy tracks that bring smiles to everyone’s faces, and maybe a few happy tears.


Make it authentically “you”

Ultimately, you want your wedding playlist to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Don’t feel like you have to include certain songs just because they always get played at parties. Choose the ones that you both enjoy and agree on. Once you’ve got a list of songs written down, take the time to listen to your playlist and make sure that you’re happy with it. Take your ideas to your Maine wedding DJ and let them work their magic while your guests work the dance floor. If you’ve hired the right DJ for your wedding day, your list won’t have to be too lengthy. Providing a snapshot of your musical taste will give your Maine DJ enough to go on. Afterall, you’ve hired entertainment for a reason: music knowledge, building sets and keeping guests engaged are key factors in the success a DJ has when performing. Trust your wedding DJ to do their job while making sure the music reflects your taste.