Maine DJ Mixshow | Summer vibes

Make Sure The Maine DJs you are considering actually mix music

You shouldn’t hire a DJ to simply hit play. The DJ controls the atmosphere of your event and you want to make sure they have the skills to keep your dance floor packed. So, what are some things to consider? First and foremost, do they actually mix music? It seems basic but many Maine DJs simply play an entire song, fade it out, and then play the next. Sounds boring, right? Honestly, you can create a playlist with Spotify and simply rent a sound system if that is the case. Save yourself the cost of hiring a DJ and connecting your own laptop. When it comes to the dance floor you won’t notice much of a difference. Sure, a DJ will make announcements for you, I get that. But, unless it is a train wreck, no one is going to remember the announcements. Your guests, will, however, remember an amazing party.

Does Your DJ Read The Crowd?

I’m biased, but I think an event DJ should have the ability to read a crowd and adapt accordingly. One thing I always talk to my wedding couples and corporate clients about is creating the right vibe. Music is a critical part of a successful event and you should consider the soundtrack beyond the dance floor. This mix-show is a great example of how you might reconsider a boring cocktail or dinner hour and play some upbeat music that people recognize but isn’t distracting.

djs should help you create the best playlists

Okay, so on with the music. I know! Sometimes I get worked up but I’m passionate about making events successful. I love diving deep into music and finding covers for well-known tracks. If we end up working together, I can almost guarantee that this will come up in conversation. So, here is a DJ mix that focuses on covers. If you aren’t following me on Mixcloud, I highly recommend that you do so. If you’re familiar with my Mixcloud page you may already know that I’ve previously published a covers mix and the feedback was so positive I decided to create another. If you want to check out the original you can find it here.

Maine DJ – Greg Young – In The Mix