Tips for Planning A Fun Wedding Reception


Your wedding day is a day you think about from the time you’re a child. Yet, when it finally comes time to plan it, all of the details can be overwhelming. What will the reception look like? How do we select the right Maine wedding DJ? What type of food will we serve? How do we make sure our guests have fun? These are likely just some of the questions you have running through your mind. Luckily, you’re not the first couple who has planned a wedding reception and there are plenty of tips and tricks out there that can help you through the process. While there are sites like The Knot and WeddingWire to help you plan your wedding, I thought I’d provide you with a few tips and tricks for planning your wedding as it relates to the entertainment.


Tip #1: Choose a timeline that flows well


It’s easy for couples to become hyper-focused on their timeline as they begin to plan their night. However, the reality is that the timeline doesn’t need to be micromanaged as long as it has a flow. Know what truly matters at your wedding.

  1. Your ceremony start time
  2. Your dinner time
  3. Your reception end time

Other than that, everything else can and will come together when handled by the right professionals (see #3). Don’t over-stress about the details. I’ve had many couples over the years break their wedding day down into five minute sections of time and they never stop stressing about the timeline the entire day. Trust me when I say, that’s not fun for anyone involved! Be present with your family and friends and trust that the team you’ve surrounded yourself with will ensure everything goes according to plan!


Tip #2: Select music that you and your guests will enjoy


Of course, when thinking about your DJ and entertainment, one of the top considerations should be the soundtrack for ceremony, cocktails, dinner and, most importantly, the reception. Work collaboratively with your DJ to choose music that you and your guests will enjoy. While it is your day, couples should always consider their family and friends when choosing music. Why? As a Maine DJ, the goal is to keep the majority of your guests on the dance floor. Choosing music that will be liked universally is a key ingredient to a successful party. It’s also important that you don’t delay in finding your Maine wedding DJ so that they can help you create the right atmosphere. There is a lot more to being a DJ then simply pressing play and talking on a microphone. The music, floor plan, timeline and set up of the entire room should be coordinated. A professional Maine wedding DJ will guide you through all of these planning details.

Additionally, while you should request songs that you love and want to be played at your wedding, allow your Maine DJ some flexibility. They should have the ability to read a crowd and create sets using their artists abilities and their discretion. You hired your Maine wedding DJ for a reason; use them to your advantage to plan a fun wedding reception!


Tip #3: Hire the right professionals


It’s your day, and you should absolutely enjoy it. Having the right wedding team can make or break your day. Therefore, make sure you hire the help you need that will allow you to do that. A Maine wedding DJ, photographer, planner, and caterer should be at the top of your list to help you properly orchestrate the details. They’ll take care of those unknowns while you’re enjoying the day. It reduces stress and ensures that everyone (including you!) has a good time. The key to this is to make sure you book early. You might know to snag a wedding planner early in the process, but it’s easy to let the wedding DJ or photographer slip until a few months before the wedding. Remember that calendars fill up quickly, especially as the popularity of Maine Weddings continues to grow. So it’s recommended that you book your DJ 8 to 16 months in advance.


Final thoughts


When planning a fun-filled wedding reception, make sure to book early and keep in mind that all the components work together. A Maine wedding DJ is an essential component so don’t delay!

Questions? I’m always happy to discuss events by email, phone or in person. Let’s connect and start the process today.