Mt. Blue High School Winter Carnival

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What. A. Party.

Mt. Blue High School never disappoints! Wow, the students came out to party for their 2023 Winter Carnival. The energy level was through the roof and I have to say, we had a lot of fun on this one.

School dances have been slow to return since Covid so this was one of the first big shows we’ve done since everything has opened back up. With the absence of school dances, I think the students had some pent-up energy. Truth be told, so did we! We couldn’t wait to tear the roof off the place.

Let’s talk about the production elements for just a minute. We provided a red carpet arrival with a photographer as students arrived. Once inside, the DJ production was set up on a stage with multi-media screens, intelligent lighting, dance floor wash lights, special effects, and a huge sound system.

The red carpet photos were displayed on the screens once everyone arrived, the DJ picked up the energy and we got things started. And, once they started, it didn’t stop until the last song. We had glow product giveaways, CO2 bursts, toilet paper sprayers, and confetti. School dances were not like this when I was younger. The place was lit.

Winter Carnival & Prom

Much of the administration has changed at Mt. Blue since 2020 (Covid). But we are incredibly thankful that they brought us back to continue the tradition of throwing epic school dances. If memory serves, I think we’ve been DJ’ing their Winter Carnival and Prom since 2011. So, we were amped up when the calls came for 2023. We couldn’t be happier to return to campus and party with these amazing students. Special thanks to the Principal and Student Activities Director for seeing the vision and understanding that school dances don’t have to be small, boring productions.

Redefining school Entertainment

Our approach from the beginning has been simple. We want to redefine school entertainment. Our goal is to bring in high-energy DJs and Emcees and the best equipment to create the biggest and best DJ production in Maine. We feel that when you pair incredible DJ talent with the best production elements and add in an emcee to keep the party moving the result speaks for itself. Is it more expensive than a DJ that shows up with a small sound system and just plays music? Sure. But the student experience is unmatched. The students get hyped and anticipate the dance and they turn our in record numbers. It really is a shift in thinking and we hope that we can have a conversation with your school about how we can make it work on your campus too.


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