One Hit Wonders That Everyone Loves

A Great DJ Keeps Tabs On Music You Might Have Forgotten About

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of great music. For many of us, when we are asked to think about songs from the past, our mind races to our favorite artists. Generally, our favorite artists have multiple hits and their career spanned years or even decades.

In my career as a Maine DJ, I’m always thinking about music that gets a great reaction. As an event disc jockey, when I think about getting a reaction from guests it is important to note that it doesn’t have to be on the dance floor. When I curate playlists I’m always thinking about social hours, dinner and even arrival. Music is the foundation for these moments and is a contributing factor to the guest experience.

Carefully Curated DJ Playlists

One of my favorite ways to get a reaction is to think of tracks that were big in their day but might have been forgotten about. Enter the one hit wonder. It’s a term we all know and perhaps we all have one or two tracks that we love that fall into this category. Regardless of the event, corporate, wedding or school parties can all benefit from the excitement a one hit wonder will bring to the event. Skeptical? I get it. How about we take a trip down memory lane and you can see if any of these would work for your celebration:

One Hit Wonders  2010s
One Hit Wonders  2000s
One Hit Wonders  1990s
One Hit Wonders  1980s

Have other suggestions for one hit wonders? Leave a comment in the section below. I’d love to hear what your favorite one hit wonders are.

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