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Create A Fun Atmosphere From The Start!

One of the things I love most about being an event DJ is bringing the audience a unique experience. When I talk to wedding couples and corporate clients one of the things I stress most is atmosphere. Not just from a décor and entertainment standpoint but also taking into consideration the soundtrack.

From a DJ perspective I think the natural conversation surrounding music pertains to the party. Many entertainment companies focus all their attention on the music that is played once the dance floor opens. And, of course, that is incredibly important. I’m not downplaying the party portion of your event (after all, I make my living by hosting great parties on behalf of my clients).

Build The Energy Early.

I think my planning process is a bit different. I like to focus on understanding what is appropriate for your event. Are you going for a casual and chill cocktail/dinner party? Do you want something trendy and unique? Or, does your event fall into the formal and distinguished category? Whatever it is, I want to make sure I have a full understanding of your vision. From there we can get creative and start working on setting the tone early on.

And to clarify, just because your event is formal doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy. Or, just because your event is casual doesn’t mean it can’t sophisticated and elegant.

Getting back to setting the tone early on: I think this is a huge component of successful events that is generally ignored by DJs and entertainment companies. Think back to events that you have attended: if you are listening to slow ballads for two hours does that scream party? To me it says, “I’m ready for a nap.”

Let Guests Know It’s Going To Be A Party.

Guest arrival, cocktail hour and dinner can be upbeat while still being appropriate. It can be fun and energetic while still being elegant. And by doing this, it tells your guests that they are in for a great time. It’s not something that they’ll even notice or pay attention to. Odds are, no one is going to say “wow, what an amazing cocktail hour DJ” – but their body language will be completely different. With upbeat music guests will sing along, tap their toes, and in their subconscious will know they are in for a good time. Compare that to sitting through 2 hours of ballads. What is the guest body language like? Generally speaking, when at events, peoples moods mirror the soundtrack. And in my humble opinion: Happy, upbeat and energetic is what you want to create.

So, how about some examples? Absolutely. If you’re watching this on YouTube, I’ll link to this blog post in the comments. Speaking of watching on YouTube, please hit the subscribe button so you can be notified of when new content drops. I’m going to continue putting informative videos out there to help you through the planning process of your event.

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