Questions to Ask When Hiring a Maine Wedding DJ

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the biggest days of your life. Between the ceremony and the reception, there are a lot of elements and details that you will focus your attention on. The food and the atmosphere are some of the only huge takeaways for your guests. They’ll remember whether or not they were well-fed and whether or not they had a fun time dancing the night away. And, what is an integral part of that? The music you play. If you’re on the hunt for a Maine wedding DJ, here are all the questions you need to ask before you hire.

  1. Do you provide a written contract?

Right off the bat, the ability to provide a written, legal contract ensures that you’re in a secure arrangement. Yet, you’d be surprised how many DJs don’t find it necessary and won’t provide one. If a wedding DJ seems hesitant or says that they don’t provide written contracts, steer clear. This often isn’t the right way to go. While asking about a contract you will also want to ensure the business or individual you are hiring is insured. It may seem like a small detail, but making sure you’re hiring a true professional will ensure your planning process is less stressful!

  1. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

This question gets to the core of your DJ’s experience. While everyone has to start somewhere, you probably don’t want them to start on your wedding day. Having a first-time DJ can be risky, so you want someone who is established in their trade. If your Maine Wedding DJ has done weddings before, this means they’ll understand pieces of how the reception might work that you may not (especially if this is your first time getting married or planning a wedding). Having someone with expertise is incredibly valuable.

  1. Will you personally be the DJ at our wedding? If not, may we meet with our DJ before we hire?

This is a practice at larger DJ agencies. You’ll meet with someone from the agency before your big day, but it isn’t the actual person that you’ll have DJing at your reception. This means that the agency requires that you just trust whomever they send to do the job. Maine Wedding DJ Greg Young provides a personal consultation to ensure that you obtain your desired outcome within your production budget. Push to meet the individual who will be playing at your wedding — it’ll make all the difference!

  1. Do you perform more than one event a day?

DJs often have multiple events during the weekends, which makes sense given that this is the time frame in which people have events. However, having a DJ who is on their second or third event of the day may mean that they’re exhausted by the end of the night. A true professional will charge an appropriate rate that keeps them to one event per day. This allows all of their attention to be focused on you and not split among multiple events. Be sure to hire a Maine DJ for your wedding who knows how to keep the spotlight on you. With thousands of weddings under his belt, Greg Young knows how to do just this.

  1. Have you played at our reception venue previously?

While it is difficult for a DJ to perform at every venue here in Maine, hiring an experience wedding DJ means they’ll have the knowledge to draw on when it comes to unique logistics. Barn weddings are very trendy here in Maine and it may mean the DJ needs to have two or three sound systems. Ask your DJ if they have experience with tough logistics and how they handle those situations. Odds are, if the DJ has years of experience they’ve performed at, or can draw on, similar experiences to guide you through the planning process.

Final thoughts

For all your Maine wedding DJ needs, reach out to Greg Young. He provides signature and stress-free services with years of experience to bring to the table. Visit here for more information.