Odds are you’ve never hired a DJ before. So, when you’re looking to hire a Maine Wedding DJ, where do you start? With over 20 years of DJ experience, Ithought it might be helpful to put together some tips as you search for the best Maine DJ.

First, keep in mind that your wedding DJ performs live. Unlike a photographer or videographer, your wedding entertainment gets one chance to make everything perfect. There’s no going back and editing the performance after the fact. Because of this, I am a firm believers that your wedding DJ can make or break your reception. If a good party is important (and I know it is) you’ll want to hire a Maine DJ that can keep your guests informed, engaged and entertained throughout the night. What’s the secret to finding the perfect wedding DJ?

While searching for the best DJ in Maine I recommend setting up meetings (or conference calls) and getting to know the disc jockey you’ll be working with. Some companies have you speak with the Owner and then the Owner assigns a DJ after you’ve booked. Be sure you get to know the DJ that will be involved with your Maine wedding.

It’s also important to understand that some companies are Owner represented while others subcontract their events to less expensive and less experienced DJs. I believe a Wedding DJ should be an owner with their name and reputation attached to each event. So, rest assured when you work with me you are guaranteed the attention to detail your Maine Wedding deserves.

I am a firm believer in asking for photo and video examples of every Maine DJ. Ask to see what their DJ setup looks like. You might not think it’s important but after you see the DJ booth ask yourself, “do I want that in the background of my wedding photos?” The answer might surprise you.

Talk candidly about music. What music do you like? What music does the DJ you’re speaking with like? How does the DJ keep guests of all ages on the dance floor? Does the DJ mix music or just fade out one song and fade in another? Trust us when we say blending music from song to song makes a huge impact on keeping the dance floor full and the energy on the dance floor high!

Most importantly, take note on their professionalism. Do you trust the DJ you are speaking with to be the face of your wedding party? I take great pride in presenting the best Maine DJ setups. They are tidy, trendy, elegant and use the absolute best equipment. I don’t cut corners and I don’t offer cheap solutions. I take great pride in presenting couples with lots of entertainment solutions to personalize and customize their wedding reception. And I take great pride in being the most sought after Maine Wedding DJ companies. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to fill out a contact form. I’d love to discuss your upcoming Maine Wedding with you!