Why You Need a Professional DJ and Emcee

Do you have a wedding, graduation, or life celebration looming on the horizon? If so, I’m sure you want to make sure it’s special and memorable for everyone involved. You’ve come to the right place because a professional DJ and Emcee is exactly what you need to make your event one to remember!

Sure, you can hook up your phone to a speaker and play a Spotify wedding playlists someone made, but you are going to lack the special skills a professional DJ and Emcee has. Especially when it comes to creating a smooth and flawless event.

Reasons Why You Need a Professional DJ and Emcee

There are several ways Maine DJs can take your party to the next level, whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, holiday gathering or birthday party. Here’s how a professional DJ and Emcee will take your party to the next level of awesome:

Assistance With Song Selection

A Maine DJ knows what songs, in what order, will keep your guests engaged and dancing. They know how to create music timelines which flow effortlessly and seamlessly. And, a good Maine DJ knows how to beat-mix music so that tracks blend together to create an uninterrupted soundtrack. You won’t get that with an online playlist or amateur DJ.

Directing the Audience

A professional DJ and Emcee knows how to warm up a crowd. When you book an experienced entertainment director, expect them to successfully capture and direct your guests’ attention throughout the event. If it’s a wedding or corporate event, you want your Emcee to be professional, engaging, upbeat and fun. If it’s a school event, mitzvah or teen party you want your Emcee to be captivating and outgoing while being age-appropriate.

Keep the Party Going

An experienced Maine DJ that has been performing at special events for years will know how to keep your party lively. Talented DJs structure their sets to build energy on the dance floor. And the interaction on the microphone helps keep your party fun, upbeat and energetic. If, the energy is being drained from the dance floor an experienced DJ will quickly realize it, mix out of the track and you’re your hyped up with something new. Professional DJs can read the crowd and keep the momentum going.

The Special Duties of an Emcee

We all know a DJ plays songs for a special event. A talented DJ keeps the party going from start until finish. However, fewer people know how important an Emcee is to their event.

To use a wedding as an example, the most important duties an Emcee has are the following:

  • Introduce and recognize the bridal party and newlyweds
  • Elegantly transition throughout formalities
  • Introduce individuals making speeches
  • Assist the photographer and videographer in capturing special moments by making timely announcements
  • Explain to guests how meal service and bar service will occur
  • Announce the cutting of the wedding cake
  • Announce the throwing of the bouquet

An Emcee is a vital element to any event to keep the seamless coordination of all the activities during an event.

Book a Professional DJ and Emcee Today

Of course, this is just a quick snapshot of how a Maine DJ and Emcee impact live events. Want to discuss it further? Let’s chat by email, phone or scheduled appointment. Ihave been a DJ and Emcee for over 15 years and I would love to make your special event an amazing experience that you will remember for years to come!