live workout mix episode five

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If you follow me on Instagram or if you frequent my blog, you probably already know how I feel about Maine DJs that don’t mix music. If you are new here, let me quickly summarize: I think DJs that plays the full duration of every song, fade it out just to fade in a new one is lazy. And, I’ll take it a step further, I think they should find a new career.  It may have worked 30 years ago but in 2021 it’s tired and it’s boring. Harsh? Maybe. Honest? Absolutely.

Personally, I think the art of being a DJ starts with the ability to blend tracks together.  The soundtrack during an event should be uninterrupted. The songs should flow. And the vibe should be consistent. To me, the ability to mix music, is critical component to being a successful DJ.  As a veteran in the Maine DJ industry, I take a lot of pride in my ability to read a crowd and build on the energy they provide. The importance of understanding music and how to structure sets cannot be understated.

As an open format DJ, I love playing a variety of music to ensure guests of all ages are hearing something that is familiar. My workout collections are no exception. While not geared towards weddings or school events, these mixes are high-energy and the perfect compliment to your exercise routine. Perhaps even appropriate for your commute to/from work as well.

Wherever you listen, I hope you enjoy.


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