Social Booth – The New Photo Booth?

I know what you’re asking: what is a social booth and why would I want one at my event? We’re all familiar with photo booths at this point. After all, I’ve been offering traditional photo booths throughout Maine since 2011. Over that time, we’ve had small enclosed booths, open-style photo booths, photo lounges, mirror booths, green screen booths, and red carpet photo booths. You name it, we’ve offered it.

Up until a few years ago, photo booths were all the rage. They were everywhere. I brought them to weddings, corporate events, school events and private parties. But now? Well, they’re still widely popular but they aren’t the staple of the event industry like they once were.

So, what’s new? What’s trendy? Enter the social booth. Some call it a selfie booth. However you refer to it know this: it’s quick, easy and fun for everyone! What’s the fuss about? Let’s dive in:

Affordable. trendy. fun.

Unlike a photo booth, the social booth requires a very small footprint. And by small, I mean almost non-existent. This is a marvelous thing especially when space is tight at your event. In addition to offering still images the social booth also includes GIFs and boomerangs. Applications like Instagram and Snapchat have made these incredibly popular. And then there’s the digital prop selection. This creates an unlimited amount of fun for guests of all ages.

Another big difference? The price! The social booth is incredibly affordable and a fraction of the price of a traditional booth. Why? Our basic social booth offering includes the self-service kiosk, photo options and digital props. No prints, no physical props and no backdrop. This makes it incredibly affordable. If you want, you can add a prop table and a backdrop but most go without them!

You get all the images!

Of course, you still receive a download link with all the individual photos, GIFs and boomerangs taken at the kiosk. Guests can email or text their session and instantly share to social media. Worried that your venue doesn’t have wifi? No problem! The kiosk will queue all of the sessions until the next time it is connected to the internet.

Trust me when I say, guests at events are LOVING the social booth! Here’s a quick video highlighting this new service offering! And, if you have any questions, or if you’d like to book one – please let me know!