LA Metro Chamber Of Commerce

Finest Under 40 Livestream

Audio Visual Production in Maine I’m incredibly grateful for our partnerships with our amazing corporate clients. Last year, when the pandemic started we all got together and collaboratively redesigned events to be safe and still impactful.

In the midst of changing our entire audio visual production business to adapt to a world of Virtual Events, I had an opportunity to collaborate with the LA Metro Chamber of Commerce outside of the world of events. Instead, I was asked to speak to HR Professionals about virtual events and what can be accomplished. For many, we’re so engrained into the in-person experience that it was difficult to comprehend a virtual event.

Over the years, we’ve always produced the in-person version of the Finest Under 40. But, in 2020, that event needed to be redesigned as well. Instead of a ballroom full of attendees with staging and video screens we broadcasted the event from a conference room with some pipe, drape, and some lighting.

The hope was that in 2021 the event would return to an in-person gathering. Unfortunately, with Covid still rearing its ugly head, the decision was made to run the event virtually yet again. Thankfully we had outlined such a great template in 2020 that we were able to build off the same foundation. And, of course, a year later we are all better versed in the world of virtual. The entire crew from the LA Metro Chamber does an outstanding job of clearly communicating the expectations of the event while also supplying all the pertinent information. They’ve been operating their events virtually for the better part of a year at this point so we were speaking the same language and firing on all cylinders from the very beginning.

Livestream + video + graphics + content creation

Day of, we brought in pipe and drape, podium, microphones, broadcast lighting, video equipment, livestream computers, video switchers, audio encoders and made it happen. The broadcast was pushed to YouTube while bringing in award winners through zoom. Our dear friend Matt stepped down as chair of Uplift LA and handed the reigns over to Allyson – and it was a pleasure to be there to see. We’ve worked with Matt for 10+ years at this point, he’s one of our biggest champions and supporters and he’s grown his events as we’ve grown our company. Truly a wonderful mutual relationship that has helped pave the trajectory we’re on as an audio visual company. Interested in watching the broadcast? Check it out here! Thanks, LA Metro Chamber for another year of wonderful events. We look forward to collaborating in 2022!